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Dropbox vs Google Drive – A Frustrated Photographer’s View

As with anyone who deals with a large amount of photo and video media I have a fair amount of trouble managing all of my files, especially since disciplining myself to properly sort said files once I am home from whatever photography excursion I have been on has largely been a task that I have failed in.

Often I am not intending to go on an excursion with the express purpose of taking photos and video but inevitably this is what I do… I have that wonderful device called a smartphone with me everywhere I go…. lo and behold, I return from wherever with many photos and videos. “I will just sort these out later” I say to myself and the digital files upload to my iCloud and Dropbox.

I was pondering this very conundrum this past weekend as I had holed up at home because I was not feeling well and was exceedingly bored. I decided that whilst resting I would be productive and finally sort all of my photos and videos into properly dated files, and perhaps also by subject matter or location. Little did I know that I was about to embark on a journey that would lead to nowhere but frustration.

Dropbox has been a tool that I have used for years and thought nothing of sitting down at my PC to do a little folder housecleaning. I logged on to the website and began my task, quickly noticing that everything was taking a LONG time to click through. Checking a box of a file to move… 10-30 seconds for a checkmark to appear… okay, well perhaps my computer is lagging for some reason… click out of the browser and into a program – no problem. Try another website… fast as fast can be… go back to Dropbox, click “move files” – two minutes before any sort of indication that there was something affected.

4-1/2 hours later and I had barely made a dent in my organization – I was left with frustration and a long but friendly email to Dropbox was written. In the meantime, I am not one to let grass grow under my feet as I wait so I looked to my Google Drive account, where I also have a few files stored.

Three years ago I had moved away from a trial run with Google Drive to Dropbox again because at the time Drive was not an effective way for me to move my digital media from my phone or my camera – it was unreliable and tedious, with the app often hanging and then crashing which made it un-usuable for my particular needs. I had hopes this time that perhaps a few things had been improved and I was not disappointed!

Google made a Drive app specifically for photos and videos and oh my have I been pleasantly surprised! Fast reliable transfers and it even sorts things by date and location, along with a proper way to search for your photos whether it be by that date or location but also by person! It finds photos of people and asks you for their names so you can search by name too! That part is simultaneously awesome and a little creepy as well.

After the app backs up all of your photos, it asks you if you would like it to also delete the media from your phone – 32,524 media files still remain there because I cannot bear to delete a one of them… maybe tomorrow!

Addendum: There is so much more to the Google Photos App that I want to talk about, so look for a proper review soon!


More Sewing Machine Woes And A Few Other Tidbits

This post marks evening #2 of sewing machine problems – I thought I had it all figured out. Guess again!

I went back to “the project” thinking that a full day of not working on it might make all the difference in figuring out exactly what my darn sewing machine was doing, or not doing, as the case may be.

Yesterday evening, I realized that my thread kept slipping off of this metal arm thing that bobs up and down and that the tension must not be correct. This action kept resulting in the thread bunching up and feeding down underneath the panel directly under the needle, thus making a tangled mess. (I really should find out what all those parts are called)

So…. after a couple of times of this, plus a few other mishaps (sheesh, this was supposed to be an easy project compared to Sock Monkey!) I decided to call it quits for the evening. Fast forward to today…. I deduced that the tension problem must be caused by the bobbin somehow, perhaps because it didn’t have enough thread? VOILÁ! Problem solved!

Bobbin re-threaded and put back into place, threads ready to go, I started sewing. WRONG! Same bunching of thread. WHAT?! Okay…. un-tangle, check the tension, try again… same problem! Still not knowing what is wrong, I abandoned “the project” for yet another evening and ran to the solace of my computer. After a little look into the sewing machine manual perhaps it will become clear. (ha – perhaps I should have done that in the first place!)

Something non-sewing related would be the un-usual clouds I saw today… cirrus clouds, mostly. Cool and crisp are a couple of good adjectives for the weather today… it was also very sunny.

One of the clouds looked like, I kid you not, a jellyfish. I have no proof of said jelly fish because all I had with me was my iPhone and it was just too small of a cloud to show up well on an iPhone photo.

It’s on days like this that I kick myself for not hauling my heavy camera gear around with me everywhere. If I had my SLR handy, my lunch hour would have been filled with delightful picture snapping, but the camera remained at home, lonely in the solitude of my townhouse. Poor thing. I think it gets lonely when I don’t take it on outings.

It wasn’t until I went back inside from my lunch hour that I remembered my little Canon PowerShot SD780 IS, the ELPH. Bah. Silly Boo – it’s always in your purse. *sigh*

I may have opportunity in the next couple of days for some nice snowy pictures, and perhaps some spectacular (or perhaps less spectacular and more average) icy photos, as we are expecting a snow storm followed directly by freezing rain. Bad conditions for driving, excellent conditions for photography!

Until such time, I leave you with a small glimpse of “the project”…

Ooooo, what is this?!