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San Francisco Art

Day #76 – A Photo A Day 2013

It’s late! I’m just now getting around to posting today’s pic, one that I snapped two weeks ago when I was roaming around San Francisco. (I miss my new home! Returning there in two days yay!)

San Francisco has no shortage of interesting things to look at and in turn, for me to photograph. 😉

The Holy Cow Mascot

The Holy Cow Mascot

This cow hangs above the door of The Holy Cow Nightclub – when I first moved to San Francisco, this cow was one of the first things that greeted me but then he was a metallic gold! I walked past here hoping to get a better pic than I did last time, but now he’s such a lovely shade of neon pink that I didn’t mind that the gold was gone. 🙂

I used Tangled FX and Photo FX to edit this photo.

Day #55 – A Photo A Day 2013

Okay okay – today is MONDAY and this pic should have been posted YESTERDAY but forces beyond my control were preventing me from updating my blog – i.e.: my website was down.

Neither Chris nor I had time to look into why it was down yesterday so that happened this morning. Needless to say it’s up and running, since I am at my desk currently typing away in this post.

So, today will have TWO yes TWO separate posts – one for yesterday (Day #55) and one for today (Day #56)

Because of an article on San Francisco Fun Cheap that I read a few weeks ago I learned of the Treasure Island Flea Market and of course I immediately wanted to go look at all of the junk or treasures that I could possibly want to see.

It seemed like every weekend I had something planned already, so last weekend I decided that I would go this weekend.

Then last Monday, Treasure Island Flea’s Facebook page posted about a contest to win a $100.00 shopping spree by sharing their post – well of course I would share that post! I really wanted to visit the flea, and how much more awesome would that be with $100.00 given to me to spend?!?!

Friday I got the word that I won! WOW! I was thrilled! I had SO MUCH FUN looking at everything there was to see and I met so many sweet people there! One of the owners of the event met me at the gate to give me my $100.00 worth of vouchers – a genuinely nice person, and I am not just saying that because she handed me free money! Thank you so much! What a nice welcome to San Francisco!

I ended up buying a hand-made skirt overlay to pair with my costume corsets and a chain mail bracelet – both vendors were so sweet and likable and I can’t wait to wear these things. Perhaps a pic later when I’m in the mood to play dress up.

It was around 3:30 when I left the flea and explored the waterfront a bit. The sun was glaring so it made the view of San Francisco a bit hazy – I intend to go back to take pictures at sunset one of these days soon. I snapped some pics strictly for the memories but they aren’t anything spectacular. (oh, that sun glare!)

I happened upon a HUGE wire statue of a woman dancing – the Bliss Dancer – so beautiful! I started taking pictures right away and I had a lot of fun getting shots with the sun in various positions in relation to the statue. I liked her so much that I decided to edit one of the photos right there on the spot, and here is the result –

Bliss Dancer Wire Sculpture - Treasure Island

Bliss Dancer Wire Sculpture – Treasure Island

In browsing the website I learned that she lights up at night – I’m planning a trip over to the island for sure!

Day #46 – A Photo A Day 2013

This past week has been a fun one! So many photos shot, and so many that I need to sort through and edit… and certainly many that I’ll need to trash too. 🙂

Today I’m posting a pic that I shot and edited on my 4s on Thursday when I was at the Raygun Gothic Rocketship. I just can’t stay away from that spot – I have already taken SO MANY pics of this thing, and I’m sure that I’ll probably continue the trend of redundancy with more. Perhaps I should apologize in advance for too many rocket pic posts in the future.

Raygun Gothic Rocketship Up Close

Raygun Gothic Rocketship Up Close

I ran this pic through Photo FX, then Iris, then back to Photo FX again. I REALLY wanted to do a grunge-y effect on this one, but I was so happy with the results of my tinkering that I felt that any further modification would have displeased me.

Every time I visit this awesome piece, I want to climb inside and see what’s there – there IS a door!

Day #22 – A Photo A Day 2013

What a good day it was today! I’m finally feeling more like myself than I’ve felt in a week and it was good to actually get outside and stretch my legs for a bit!

My wanderings took me over to the Mission neighborhood here in San Francisco, which was not my original destination, but regardless of where I was going to begin with, I was glad that my wanderings ended up taking me to a couple of places that I totally did not expect to be going to.

At one point when I was way off course, I spotted some street art that looked intriguing, so I went even further out of my way to go take a look. Again, I was without my SLR unfortunately, since I had planned to go shopping and I didn’t want to haul heavy camera equipment around in a clothing store… but of course I had my iPhone at hand!

This mural was so awesome – several notable figures from mythology, some of which I did not recognize, but some I most definitely did like the ones in the picture below:

Wadjet, Horus, Anubis & Nekhbet

Wadjet, Horus, Anubis & Nekhbet

I thought that the portion of the mural with the Egyptian gods Wadjet, Horus, Anubis & Nekhbet was particularly awesome, especially since the style very much reminded me of Stargate: SG1 and I am a HUGE fan of that series. Also notable was the boom box that they have with them. 😉

I have a couple more pictures of that wall to share – perhaps in the next couple of days I will post those as well, but that may be trumped depending on what the next few days bring in photographic opportunity.

Day #21 – A Photo A Day 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is today, and while I was not able to go out to take pics, I do have a nice pic of a place that I pass by and visit often here in San Francisco.

Today’s pic is of the Martin Luther King Jr. Fountain in Yerba Buena Gardens. I love the fountain itself, but one of the nice things is that you can walk behind the fountain! There you will find quotes from the man himself; in this picture, the lovely green glow behind the water is of the illuminated glass panels that bear the etchings of those words.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Fountain

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Fountain

Day #12 – A Photo A Day 2013

Today I give you TWO pics, simply because I could not decide between the two!

Again, using the Pro HDR app for iPhone, I have re-visited the “Seasons of the Sea” at Yerba Buena gardens…

Seasons of the Sea HDR

Seasons of the Sea HDR

… and close-up:

Close-up Seasons HDR

Close-up Seasons HDR

Holding still for these shots was difficult at best – if I’m going to use this app much more, I need to invest in a tripod.

Day #3 – A Photo A Day 2013

Since I moved to San Francisco I could not help but notice the plethora of art sculptures scattered near my neighborhood… I suspect that I have barely scratched the surface of just how many public works of art there are, and I am very excited to discover and document as many as I can.

One of my favorites that I pass often is Seasons of the Sea ‘Adrift by John Roloff. There is a plaque near the structure that reads, “This glass ship is an art work that refers to the natural and geological history of California. Sediment gathered from the ocean floor four miles off the coast of San Francisco was placed inside in 1993. This sediment contains diverse mineral and organic matter extracted from the landscape by the rivers that flow to the sea through the Golden Gate. The greenhouse environment of the ship interacts subtly with these materials producing ongoing natural cycles of growth, decay and rebirth.”

I visit Yerba Buena Gardens quite a bit, and I always make sure that I stop to admire the sculpture and nearby fountain.

At night, it is lit up with green light, which is a nice contrast to the purplish blue lighting of a building that is just to the SE.

Seasons of the Sea 'Adrift at night.

Seasons of the Sea ‘Adrift at night.

Unfortunately my iPhone did not pick up the intensity of the color of the clouds that were prevalent that night. Lights from the city were reflecting off of the low clouds, and the sky looked textured with orange and black.

During the day, “Seasons” is quite impressive as well, it’s bow jutting out from the concrete, living plants contained within. (perhaps a daytime photo for another post!) It’s a piece that I find to be quite contrasting with the area it’s been placed in, and perhaps it’s all the more at home there rather than bayside where it might have blended into the landscape more instead of surprising you.