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Day #75 – A Photo A Day 2013

Pre-existing image templates provide a world of creativity that really sparks my imagination. It’s fun to see what other photographers have captured and it is a challenge to incorporate those photos into my own to make a blending of two people’s creativity.

So many apps have these images available either for free or for a nominal download fee but so far my favorite has been Filtermania 2 from Dropico. I used images from their library on today’s photo, which began as some stormy clouds that were outside of Ultrazone when I was there on Friday evening:

Into the Woods

Into the Woods

Using pre-existing image templates for enhancing or completely changing an edit is something that I have frequently done but I think it’s time that I start making my own templates. I’m having fun with these pre-existing templates and they are a creative tool that is wonderful to have at my fingertips, but I would like to add more of myself into my projects, and I feel that this is one way that I can accomplish this.

Turning Bad Into Good

There are some days that are extraordinary.

There are some days that are routine.

There are some days that are laid back and relaxing.

There are some days that are busy.

Then… there was today. Today was a day of physical un-comfortableness, boring and un-productive. It gave me a lot of time to think this afternoon, and it was good productive thought that I think will move me in some very good directions in the near future and most certainly spawned some highly creative thought. Even though today was awful in a few ways, I definitely cannot deem it a “bad day”… some good actually came out of it.

I’m winding down the day with this awesomeness Jurassic Park Theme – 1000 times slower. I know that I said it the other day on Facebook but I just cannot stop listening to this song – hearing it this slow it’s almost like a new song. I’ve always been emotionally moved by this piece in real-time, but hearing it this way… well, it’s beauty tears at my heart and moves me to tears no matter how many times I listen.

First Post!

My my, what an original title! I have to wonder just how many new blogs have that exact same title for their first post.

Ah well, why break with tradition?

At this time, I intend to use this blog mainly for creative writing, but perhaps there will be an editorial here and there, with a sprinkle of life updates.